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Ajit Solar
Greening our Future...

With rising uncertainty over fuel prices, growing concerns about climate change & ever-increasing demand for electricity, governments around the world are waking up fast to the perils of fossil fuels.

Today we are faced with a scenario wherein running out of conventional sources of energy looks like a very real possibility. The world has no choice but to turn to renewable energy sources.

Ajit Solar is a natural response to the growing concerns about the environment and the future of our planet.

With Japan's latest nuclear catastrophe, it is high time that mankind woke up to the hazards of nuclear power and takes a closer and more serious look at cleaner and safer sources of energy. Fukushima is but an example of how vulnerable we are to any form of nuclear radiation with reactors installed in populated areas. The question of safe disposal of nuclear wastes has not been delved into publicly yet. Surely,we do not need another Tsunami or a Katrina to start this debate.

The Katarinas and Tsunamis are warnings from Mother Nature to mankind to stop mining too many of Earth’s resources and turn to renewable sources of energy like the Sun, Wind, Biodiesel, etc.

In India, the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission (JNSM) approved and launched by the Manmohan Singh Government, promises the generation of 20 GW of Solar Power by 2020. In this way, the Solar power scene in India is also perking up, though not on the same scale as in Europe.

Ajit Solar Pvt Ltd (ASPL), a privately-held company of the Ajit Group, has entered the Photovoltaic (PV) market with a cutting edge PV Module manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Jaipur.

Once module production has commenced, ASPL also plans to venture into providing turnkey solutions for the setting-up of Solar Power Plants.

The Ajit Group of Companies is a closely held corporation and has a significant presence in the automobile sector in the form of a widespread dealership network in the state of Rajasthan for both, commercial & passenger vehicles.

Its promoters have over 30 years of business experience and the group,which presently manufactures a range of agricultural accessories & farm equipment, has a collective annual turnover of Rs. 80 - 100 million.


The Promoters

Mr. Ajit Gehlot

Mr. Ajit Singh Gehlot
Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Gehlot has been active in Indian business circles for the past 30 years and counting. He is the Founder Chairman & Managing director of ASPL, and has successfully floated and run various automobile dealerships in different districts of Rajasthan.

An entrepreneur with a unique vision, he is known for his persistent approach and for charting uncharted terrain. Throughout his career, he has spearheaded many a  revolution in the Indian automotive trade industry.

He has worked tirelessly to build-up the Ajit Group of Companies and has now chosen to devote his time & intelligence to promoting renewable energy for a cleaner and greener world.
Ms. Priya Gehlot Ms. Priya Singh

Chartered Accountant by training, Ms. Singh's experience and qualifications give her a unique edge in charting overall strategy for ASPL.

Her stewardship has seen the company ride a sharp growth curve and set new benchmarks in the the Photovoltaic technology sector.

Additionally, Ms. Singh shares Mr. Gehlot's passion for philanthropy and spearheads the group's ambitious CSR & Community outreach programs.